What is a Virtual Private Network and What are its Types?

What is a Virtual Private Network and What are its Types?

Virtual Private Network is also known as VPN. It is a platform that lets the user connect to a private network securely. Since the platform is encrypted, all activities are private too. You can think of a VPN as a secure tunnel through which all internet traffic and communication passes safely. 

While most of you may not even pay attention to this phenomenon, let me tell you that the use of technology comprises a lot of components and it is always better to be safe than sorry. We must educate you and keep you aware, and it is yours to put this knowledge into implementation in your daily life. 

Virtual private networks are primarily of two types. These types have been given below and according to your suitability and internet requirements, you can decide which one suits you the best. 

Remote Access

This type of VPN is useful for both corporate and private users. What sets this network apart is that it can be easily and effectively used even while travelling. All you have to do is By connect to VPN and access any file or data on a private network. You never know when you encounter a situation where you have to give remote access to the system. In such times, having this VPN handy is a good option. Two rare uses of the remote access VPN include avoiding internet restrictions and accessing blocked websites.

Site to Site VPN

This type is also called Router-to-Router VPN. The type is mostly used by organisations and businesses that have multiple offices in different locations. When you use this type of VPN, you can connect one network to another network even if it is in a different city or country. When offices at different locations use the same VPN, it is often called an intranet-based VPN. 

Intranet-based VPN creates a virtual bridge between the networks at different locations, thus getting both connected on a similar network. The best part is that even when hundreds and thousands of employees are using the same network across cities, security is never compromised. 

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