Why Is the Form for Event Registration So Important?

The jotform event registration form is essential for effective event organising. It only takes a few unattractive experiences at the beginning of an event to completely deter attendance. As a result, it is recommended that businesses make registration simple and straightforward.

But what aspects of the registration procedure can go wrong? How does one determine which parts to prioritise and which to avoid? During event registration, businesses frequently commit basic blunders.

Among issues include invalid tickets, lack of parking, absence of first assistance, and an overall negative experience attempting to acquire tickets. Therefore, focusing on reducing the possibility of any of these occurrences can lessen the likelihood of the process being unappealing to the prospective attendee.

Let’s take a closer look at why the event booking form is so important, as well as some typical solutions to guarantee the process runs well.

Why is Registration Essential to the Success of an Event?

Jotform’s event registration form is vital to the overall success of the event for several reasons. Primarily, registration is how an organisation gets people to sign up, whether on a Smartphone, computer platform or in person. Attendees will spend their time elsewhere if the registration process is overly complicated or if there are insufficient accommodations.

Listed below are several reasons why event registration is essential:

  • It guarantees attendance by offering an incentive.
  • It aids in the assurance of possible revenue and payment.
  • It makes the audience’s first impression.
  • Influences their degrees of satisfaction

Critical Issues to Avoid Throughout Event Registration

Now that you understand the necessity of the event registration form, let’s examine the potential risks. First, there is no such thing as an ideal event reservation. Even if there is, it is still unlikely, which is why businesses should always have a backup plan and safety net data in case something does go wrong. So, let’s take a closer look at the event registration information that almost always goes wrong, as well as how a business should be prepared to handle these scenarios.

In-Person Registration Delay

In-person registration is one of the most crucial moments in which something could go wrong. If a corporation isn’t employing a jotform-like event registration form, they are missing out. Using event management tools and forms from jotform can limit the chance of human mistakes and provide a business with additional booking and attendance statistics.

Parking and event access problems

Parking and venue access are the most crucial components of the event booking process that can go awry in a hurry. If the audience cannot locate parking or reach the event, it is likely that they will not attend. In addition, if participants must go through a complicated process to enter the premises, they will likely decide not to attend.

Additionally, there may not be enough parking spaces for the event. On the day of the event, structures can also be shut down for maintenance without much notice. Aside from that, participants may have to walk further to the site, and those who rely on public transportation may not have convenient stations nearby.

The solution to this problem is to arrive at the venue early and investigate parking before signing the contract. Having an accurate view of the venue’s parking can assist a corporation to determine how much space to reserve and what obstacles could make parking difficult.

Contravention of COVID-19 Regulations

What has to be addressed for event guidance during in-person gatherings might be heavily influenced by global happenings. COVID-19 events advice is required for modern events to prevent violating any laws or regulations. Aside from that, businesses must prioritise social gathering regulations and accommodations such as hand sanitisers, masks, etc., even with outdoor event guidelines you may find online. Add these items to the jotform form.

Insufficient First Aid Staff on-Site

When there is a large gathering, it is always necessary to have first aid personnel present. This is because there may be reasons for first aid even if the incident itself is not harmful or if there is a low possibility that anything will occur. It is essential to have first aid personnel to protect the safety of guests in the event of a participant’s illness or accident while performing.

However, this raises the question of how many first-aiders are required for an event. For the majority of events, companies deem it prudent to have two first aid responders per 1,000 participants. This ratio assures that there are sufficient first-aid responders to address any potential threats. Due to covid, we recommend having a few more first aid personnel on-site, so that you can provide these facts on the registration form.

Event Registration Important Elements

The significance of event reservation should already be evident. However, there are still variables that can impact the registration procedure. If a business desires the best potential outcome, it should prioritise information such as:

Event Participation

Participation in an event generates excitement and can attract additional attendees to future events. Developing a good campaign can be challenging, but a few strategies can make the process easier. So, how can you enhance event attendance?

Focus on entertaining and engaging methods of community building. This consists of:

  • Including the city in the event
  • Describe a narrative that is relatable and engaging.
  • Create a unique and personalised experience
  • Sending personalised invitations or reminders will make your audience feel valued.
  • As incentives, employ social media, radio stations, and an event promotion email template.
  • Gain a competitive edge over competing events.
  • Attendance Statistics for Events

Understanding pertinent event attendance figures are also essential for event planning. Without knowledge of what works and what does not, especially during COVID, it might be difficult to plan in advance.

Event Attendance Follow-Up

Attendance follow-up comprises event reminders, a pre-event follow-up email, check-ins, and even data and attendee follow-up after the event has concluded. Adding this additional layer of contact between coordinators and attendees might result in a more intimate and enjoyable event. Additionally, it indicates to participants that the organisation cares about and values them as individuals.


The event registration form from jotform is only one component of the event process, but it has the most potential to influence how attendees perceive the organisation. Therefore, it is essential to meticulously arrange the event booking procedure to help the event get off to a strong start. Implementing the aforementioned techniques can assist prevent problems and ensure that the event runs successfully. We hope this article has helped you develop and create a valuable and effective event registration form from jotform.

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