How To Backup To Cloud: Safeguarding Your Data Online

We are living in a digital era and we are fond of storing everything in our phones. No matter what it is, even the small details are stored in the phone so that we can use it in case of emergencies. From photos to every small piece of document, everything is stored in system or phone storage. But have you ever imagined that it can be lost and there are various reasons for the same? That is why we need to back up everything. But the question is how to back up to the cloud. how to backup to the cloud

Scared! With the thought of losing all information at one go, I was too but then I came across one of the most amazing stores that helped me to recover them safely. But this is the last step, pCloud helped me to get the backup of all the essential data so that we can ensure that we are protected. 

If this is the case then there are so many methods to resolve the issue so that you can protect all your data and make sure that it can be recovered soon. Some of you might think that backup is important. So the answer to this small question is Yes! The backup is one of the most important things so that you can recover things in time. 

Take an example: your important document is destroyed and you don’t have any other option to recover it. Now What? You will find that all your efforts have gone in vain. If you don’t want to end up in this situation then you have to make sure that you are taking the backup on time with pCloud

There are so many benefits of this small process. So let’s understand the basic concept of how to back up to the cloud and the benefits of taking the backup. 

Importance of Taking Backup

This is not very difficult to understand. Taking a backup can be one of the most important aspects that you need to consider so that you can save all your digital memories. Whether they are valuable information or just your important snaps they will be recovered soon.

The hard drives can fail, phones can be lost or damaged, or computers can be damaged and with this, all your information can be lost. That is why it is always considered the best way to take a backup for your devices so that you can protect all your data. 

For this, there are various cloud storage data that we can use so that we can store all the data. One such platform is pCloud which will help you to protect your data and store it in its storage platform. 

You must be thinking what will be the benefits of using cloud storage? This is one of the best ways that will help you to ensure that your data is not going anywhere. So let me know to help you understand the benefits of cloud storage and the best backup solutions. 

  • Accessibility: When you own cloud storage then you will be able to use the details anywhere or anytime. 
  • Scalability: This is distinct from the standard methods. Now if you need more space then you can add more space to it so that you can utilize it and keep your details safe.
  • Disaster recovery: When you are holding the data in this storage it depicts that it is off-site. This indicates that you are away from issues like floods, power outages, fires, or any other thing. But still anything happens you can still recover them.
  • Collaboration: When utilizing cloud storage it is very easy to share the documents with others. Another benefit is that many people can work on one file at the same time. 
  • Automatic backups: Different storage services provide the backup for the data at regular intervals. This indicates that you can be safe from corruption, unexpected deletes, or any other things. 
  • Security: When it comes to security cloud storage delivers security in terms of multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and intrusion detection and prevention (that provides you protection against threats).

How To Backup To Cloud

Now, if you want to back up your data is something that you can do easily. This becomes even simpler with the help of pCloud so that you can manage the process for backup. Here are the steps that you can follow so that you can back up your data. 

  1. First, you need to download the pCloud app on your devices. 
  2. You can register here for free if you want to use the space for up to 10GB for LIFE. There are various deals as well that you can check there. 
  3. Next, you have to open the settings and then find the Automatic Upload option

Okay! Now you are done with the process. Now you are done with backing up all the information and photos that were there on your phones. The best part is that you can even access the information on other devices like your computer, laptop, or tablet. 

 How to Backup Your Computer

If you think that backup is difficult then you are wrong. This is because pCloud has made it very simple to back up your data. Various options will help you to back up the files that have been opened with the help of a pCloud account. 

  1. The first thing that you need to install the pCloud Drive
  2. Then you just need to open the Preferences and then go to Backup
  3. Pick the folders and then click the “Backup” options


So I hope that now you understand why cloud storage is essential for all of us. Having a pCloud storage service will help you to get the backup on time so that you can be safe from uncertain threats like deletion or any other thing. 

We have discussed why backup is essential and what are the benefits of backing up. Now you will be able to get a clearer view of the best use of cloud storage so that you can ensure the safety of your documents and other things. 

So when are you planning to install the app or the pCloud drive in your phones and systems so that you can back up your data? You can register now so that you can get the best deals and enjoy several benefits from it. With this, I hope you can find answers related to how to back up to the cloud.